Welcome to the home page of Strategic Risk Analysis Limited

For two decades I have been providing a wide range of clients with valuable insights into prospects for the existing housing market, residential building, interest rates and the economy.

The main offering is subscriptions to regular housing market, residential building, and economic reports.

The reports offer far superior insights than those offered by the bank economists including the Reserve Bank because of the unique forecasting framework I have developed. It is based on rigorous assessment of the drivers, leading indicator analysis, a hands-on understanding of how many industries and markets work, and sound judgment.

Other offerings are presentations at client functions, management strategy sessions, newsletter articles, and contract research.

My background includes having been a member of the Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee, Head of Research at ASB, Chief Economist at a commercial bank, Head of Research at two investment banks, researched international financial markets at the Bank of England in London, while I have two degrees majoring in economics.

To find out more about the regular reports or other services please contact me.

Rodney Dickens

Managing Director

Strategic Risk Analysis Limited

Email: rodney@sra.co.nz

Phone: 027 288 2209